How this project works:

Greetings from outside the walls! We’re excited you’ve made it here. We want to give you a brief idea of what we have in mind.

Comrades on the inside and out have been putting together resources for us to study together, and this website came together as a place for us to share ideas. We will be posting readings that correspond to significant dates during Black August. For example, we will first be reading about Veronza Bowers’s self-liberation attempt on August 1st, coinciding with the day in 1979. All posts will allow for comments, so we encourage you to read the resources we share and post comments with your thoughts on them. All comments from folks on the outside will be shared with comrades behind the walls via email, so bear that in mind when you post.

We will also be posting the comments from folks behind the wall for you all to see! Since prison rules won’t allow folks on the inside to see the website directly, any comments will be sent to us and we will post them here with whatever identifying information they’re comfortable sharing (such as names.)

Updates and favorite quotes from comrades participating in this project will be posted on the project’s Instagram page (@blackaugustsolidaritycypher).

Our hope is to make connections between folks on the inside and outside and be able to learn together. We’re stronger when we’re connected to each other than we ever are alone, and we’re very happy to have you be a part of this. Joy and light to us all!

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